Includes adjustment of all bearing surfaces
(hubs, bottom bracket, & headset), wheel truing, shifting & baking adjustments, tires inflated, chain lubed, and nuts & bolts tightened. $45

Includes Basic plus removal and cleaning of driveline (chain, cassette & crank). $65

Both of the above plus recable as necessary (parts not included), and overhaul of all
bearing surfaces (parts not included)
and frame cleaning. $105

* All prices reflect labor only, recable costs do not include rewrapping road bars.

Bar Wrap
Standard Cork Ribbon $10
Leather $25

Brakes (price per caliper)
Adjustment $5
Adjust & Recable $10
Adjust & Replace Pads $10
Bleed Hydraulic Brakes $20

Adjustment $5
Adjustment & Recable $10
Derailleur Install $10
Derailleur Anger Adjustment $5

Adjustment $5
Overhaul $15

Bottom Bracket
Adjustment/Replacement $10
Overhaul (bearings not included) $15

Brake Install
Standard Caliper $10
Disc Brake $15
(does not include line shortening or bleeding)

Computer Install $10-$25

Crankset Install $15
Includes front derailleur adjustment

Derailleur Install/Adjust $15

Fender Install $10-$20

Handlebar Install $10-$30

Shifter Install
MTB Shifters $15/shifter
STI Levers (road) $20/shifter

Hub Adjustment $8
Hub Overhaul $15 + Bearing cost
Truing $10
Retension $15
Spoke Replacement + Truing $15
Wheel Build $30

Suspension Fork Overhauls $50
(most forks)
Includes new fork fluid, brushing & seal replacement labor as applicable. Does not include parts.

TEBR charges $40/hour for services not seen here (such as "creak relief" - some things take, however long, they take).

Generally, we won't do work that exceeds the value of the bike. However, if you are stuck in syrupy sentimentality over your old steed - BUYER BEWARE!

In addition, installation of parts that you buy elsewhere will be done for full pop! Installation of parts that you purchase from TEBR might include some wiggle room...internet vendors don't pay my mortgage, yo!



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